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ISO 41001

World-class proven tools

ISO41001: 2018 helps FM-professionals align the facility capability and functionality with the demand organization's mission and resources. This requires FM-professionals to be innovative and prepare for and respond to the ever-changing requirements.

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evolve Innovate, prepare & respond

Agile and effective through strategic alignment

The outward focus of ISO 41001: 2018 requires you to truly understand the goals and strategies of the core business. This crucial insight will help you to align with the demand organization at a strategic level and enables you to demonstrate leadership in Facility Management. If you put your shoulders behind it, ISO 41001: 2018 will make it much easier for you to demonstrate the added value of FM to the demand organization.
financial transparancy

It will cost too much...

An often heard excuse for not implementing ISO 41001: 2018 is that it will cost way too much money.
Our Foundation Training Course will help you:

Develop a business case for ISO 41001-implementation

Quantify the benefits and savings that can result

resources commitment

We don't have the time for this...

Perhaps the second most heard excuse is that our organization or department is already overstretched as it is. Our courses will help you:

Commit to resources if required

Point out where elements are already in place

Show the benefits of the HLS if you have other MSS in place

opinions flexibility

It will limit us...

As a result of past experiences, a lot of professionals believe that implementing an ISO standard will result in various restrictions, thus limiting flexibility and adaptivity. Our courses will help you:

Write the system so that it allows for flexibility.

Use risk based thinking to allow for increased adaptivity.

Stress the continuous improvement aspects.

unique local application

This won't work here...

Many professionals believe standards will create very strict boundaries and limitations that will severely limit successful local appllication. Our courses will help you:

Write a system that allows local variation based on the business case.

Use strategic alignment to strengthen the business case.

complexity prioritize

We're in a merger...

When your organization is involved in mergers or the process of outsourcing, this could be seen as a reason to postpone implementation of ISO 41001. Our courses wil help you:

Provide a framework for selecting the best FM-system.

Create transparancy in a complex situation.

Help prioritize through risk-based thinking.

Create a valid gap analysis and realistic action plans.

commitment Demonstrating Leadership

The road to ISO 41001: 2018 certification

Implementing ISO 41001: 2018 is technically similar to any other management system standard. But be aware of the specific requirements in this standard - this could be a hurdle if and when neglected.


When you've procured a copy of ISO 41001: 2018, the real work begins. You could compare it to buying a book on how to loose weight.... The ultimate effect will depend on YOUR efforts and the commitment you get.

Internal audit(s)

Implemeting ISO 41001: 2018 demonstrates intent. The audits will focus on the effectiveness of your effort. Internal audits are the first step to check your progress.

Stage 1 audit (external)

When you are happy with your progress and want to start the certification progress, a third party audit is needed to assure you meet all requirements.

Stage 2 audit (external)

This is your final test. The third party audit team will visit your location to audit your management system in order to assure that your FMS is robust and effective.

Audit report

The audit report is just that: it will show your progress and will give you direction for further improvement through corrective actions.


Congratulations! You've just joined a very select group of FM-organizations worldwide who are commited to raise the bar for our profession an demonstrate added value to their demand organizations.

The real journey begins...

The ISO 41001: 2018 certificate proves that you are able and ready to continue your journey on the read to strategic Facility Management. Well done and Godspeed.