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Hard data

Linking FM to hard data: am I missing out?

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In the past few months I’ve been confronted at least twice with the request to supply hard data to support the statement that facility managers can and do make a significant difference in improving operational excellence.

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The first instance was while discussing the FMs role in making existing buildings more energy-efficientient with policy makers in Brussels. When asked if I could provide hard (statistical) data on the positive effects (e.g. the percentage of energy reduction achieved) FMs have on implementing and managing sustainable buildings, I drew a blank. I was able to provide a guesstimate that was later backed up by many peers, but no solid statistical data could be offered.


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And again, not so long ago, I received a similar request when I was asked if I could provide reliable information on the reduction of O&M costs (especially building maintenance) after inplementing a Facility Management Information System. Again, I was left puzzled. One would expect loads of statistical data would be available for the FM to construe a solid business case, but the reality seems to be different. I could not think of a single source where to procure this information.

So the question remains if this all is just a case of me being slightly disconnected from the professional FM world or that this type of information is indeed unavailable (or at best untraceable) for me and my peers.

Am I just missing out and are multiple best practises and statistical data available or do we have an issue here? If you have any insights to help me further or best practices to share, please let me know!

This blog was originally published on, 23 February 2016

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